instructor: curt cloninger
email: curt at lab404 dot com
office: Zeis 214. Wednesday 1:15-3:15, or by appointment.
location: university of north carolina asheville
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rough project calendar*
attendance and grading policies*
Sister Corita Kent's 10 rules*

major assignments
non-linear project*
network project* (+ grant proposal)*

animated gif quilt
surreal quiz
generative bubblegum card
datamoshed/databent video
google image link collage
youTube triptych
xanadu hijack participation

Understanding Comics (mccloud)
Pause & Effect (meadows)

the first thing you need to know
understanding the web as media: [outline* | presentation*] (cloninger)
net art, web art, online art, net.art* (brøgger)
ten myths of internet art* (ippolito)
world of ends* (searls/weinberger)
vademecum of digital art* (gratin.org)
links to internet art projects and resources (greene, compiler)
the wrong - new digital art biennale (curator: guillo)
net art anthology (rhizome)

mass media vs. art media* (magden)
writing with images* (dillon)

i can't stop thinking* (mccloud)
carl (mccloud)
when i am king (demian.5)

not comics
The Fall of the Site of Marsha (wittig/king/valicenti)
young-hae chang heavy industries (chang)
stop motion studies (crawford)
oculart (lillemon)
playdamage (cloninger)
prototype #19 (sodeoka)
micro-project: animated gif quilt

linear plot pyramid* (freytag)
3 non-linear "plot" structures* (meadows)
agency* [pdf] (murray)
Building Nonlinear Narratives for the Web* (akpem)
interaction and narrative lecture: interactive, storytelling, cross channel, user experience* (arnall)

michel gondry videos
come into my world
sugar water
the denial twist

hypertext literature
hypertext gardens* (bernstein)
victory garden [abridged] (moulthrop)
hyper hypertext* (saul)
grammatron (amerika)
hypertextual consciousness 1.0* (amerika)
clicking for godot* (rosenberg)
surreal quizzes
Jane Dark's Emotion Criteria Exam (marcus)
NODATA (donwood/radiohead)
The Will Power Clinic (szyhalski)
starfish exams (stanton)
The 4th Replacement Search (elk)
micro-project: Surreal Quiz

hypermedia literature
my boyfriend came back from the war (lialina)
the hard way (ritchie)
world of awe: traveler's journey (kanarek)
filmtext (amerika)
otnemem (webflow solutions/musth design)
requiem for a dream (hi-res)

expressive environments
reverse flash back (jimpunk)
the shy picture (reeders/macleod)

fugal narratives
superbad (benjamin)
dream7 (penney)
the bad scary place (silver ladder)
plotfracture (cloninger)

ghost in the machine: the marriage of software & art (curator: cloninger)

generative texts
Hundred Thousand Billion Poems (queneau)
predictive art bot (maigret/roszkowska)
Names and Naming Tool Center (curator: noemata)
random name generator | abstract art titlegenerator (noemata)
Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator
wtf is my mashup | wtf is my social media strategy
postmodernism generator | SCIgen

generative software
software structures (reas et al.)
CODeDOC (curator: paul)
processing [software | examples | more examples] (reas/fry)
time().mt_rand (noemata)
runme.org [software art repository]
mitchell whitelaw interview* (whitelaw/prudence)
Conceptual Art and Software Art: Notations, Algorithms and Codes* (dreher)
the aesthetics of generative code* (cox/mclean/ward)
the aesthetics of programming* (napier)
the nature of code* (shiffman)

fake generative
transCRYPTion (cloninger) [about the project (abrahams)]
seeing double (various artists)
on lying* (cloninger)

database as a symbolic form* [.rtf file. same as chapter 5, part 1 in Language of New Media] (manovich)
list of best tools + resources for learning data analysis, etc.* (manovich)
Semantic Web FAQs* (W3C)
synesthetic bubblegum cards (cloninger)
micro-project: Generative Bubblegum Card
i know where your cat lives (mundy)
random access mortality (mtaa)
robot flaneur (bridle)
bicycle built for 2,000 (koblin/massey)
concrete poetry generator (norridge)
visual complexity (curator: lima)

immersive art on the web* (samyn/galloway)
realtime art manifesto* (harvey/samyn)
world of world of warcraft (onion news network)
tale of tales (harvey/samyn)
i made this. you play this. we are enemies (nelson)
auditorium (cipher prime studios)
samorost ( 1 * 2 * 3 ) / machinarium
purposefully futile gaming
the graveyard (harvey/samyn)
is it time? (fraina)
Rafaël Rozendaal | Angelo Plessas
christian | budhist | atheist (frank)
AI gaming
ELIZA (weizenbaum)
unity game engine | documentation | Three.js JSON Exporter
unreal engine

alternate reality (online/offline) narratives
how i was played by online caroline* (walker)
The Intsitute [trailer] (mcCall)
Game or Cult? The Alternate Reality of the Jejune Institute* (kiberd)
The Elsewhere Philatelic Society
The Eternal Internet Brotherhood/Sisterhood (plessas et al.)
meet in a nice restaurant (tosic et al.)
the gnu aesthetic (curator: cloninger)
nixi killick fashion
urban camoflage (keric/bayer)
_DIGITAL DECAy: glitch architecture* [pdf] (haslop)
A Dark Journey Into A Killer's 'Personal Effects'* (hutchins/weisman)
geeks inadvertently making net art* (cloninger)
micro-project: datamoshed/databent video

net art diagrams: 1997 (mtaa) | 2003 (linkoln) | 2004 (linkoln/jimpunk) | 2007 (mtaa)
| 2008 (bewersdorf) | 2010 (cates) | 2011 [sic] (fino-radin) | 2015 (transcultures.be) | 2016 (leegte) | a brief history of the SNAD (mtaa)
an exploration of various directions in networked art projects* (weil)
introduction to net.art (1994-1999)* (bookchin/shulgin)
21 distinctive qualities of net.art* (ross)
aesthetic conditions of art on the network* (stalbaum)

compression artifacts (curator: citarella)
image objects (vierkant)
cloaque (mate/saez) | about the cloaque IRL project* (galperina)
novaScotia transCrytion Engines (cloninger)
seth price [cf: interview: the ever curious case of seth price* (price/bühler)]
the best group shows of 2013 (meta-curator: fluxo)
panther modern (curator: avedon)
Can Tumblr Sensation Brad Troemel Find Viral Success IRL?* (johnson)
the perils of post-internet art* (droitcour)
Manifesto for a Theory of the 'New Aesthetic'* (cloninger)

tactical consumption
oliver laric
surf clubs: spirit surfers | loshadka | double happiness | computers club
GogolChat (bruno / jimpunk)
time-lapse homepage (slocum)
Collect the WWWorld: artist as archivist in the internet age (curator: quaranta)
art website sales contract .com (rozendaal)
google's greatest hits (cloninger)
influenced by google* (triangulation blog)
micro-project: google image link collage
micro-project: youTube triptych
of & to the databse* (south)
hacking vrs. defaults* (lonergan)
spirit surfing* (bewersdorf)
Commodify Your Consumption* [pdf] (cloninger)
The End of Us Versus Them* (troemel)

surreal capitalism
plantoid (okhaos)
a lossless fail (trecartin)
a tool to deceive and slaughter (larsen)
_MON3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US (curator: zaitsev)
NetVVorth (curator: temkin)
E N E R G Y : P A N G E A
FlowSpotSM (wilson)
Reign of Gold (thiel)

conceptual art as it relates to mtaa's art practice* (mtaa)
own, be owned, or remain invisible (bunting)
form art (shulgin)
Revelation 1.0 & 2.0 (tribe)
website unseen (mtaa)
shredder 1.0 (napier)
RIOT (napier)
beacon (thompson & craighead)
0100101110101101 works (mattes/mattes)
the xanadu hijack (cloninger)
micro-project: xanadu hijack participation

blackness for sale (obadike)
black people love us (peretti/peretti)
mouchette.org (mouchette)
concentric empathy (fahey)
traffic_report (cloninger et al.)
i love alaska (engelberts/plug) [cf: AOL search data scandal]
Best Flamewar Ever (stern)
the most wanted paintings on the web (komar and melamid)
From Post-Internet Art to Influencer Art to... Mystery Art* (davis)

the fluxus performance workbook [233K .pdf] (various artists)
1 year performance video [aka samHsiehUpdate] (MTAA)
reading club [click "EN" for English] (abrahams, guez, et al.)
learning to love you more (july/fletcher)
wirefire (harvey/samyn)
human browser (bruno)
wikipedia art (kildall/stern)
double blind [love] (abrahams/cloninger)
in Bb 2.0 (solomon)

From "Radical Software" to Netactivism* (dreher)
their tools, ur rules* [video talk] (briz)
face to facebook (cirio/ludovico) | [cnn essay]
vote auction (baumgartner/extrem)
adam harvey
avante garde - transfigured or dead* (maver)

why have there been no great net artits* (dietz)
something is wrong on the internet* (bridle)
a digital quilt project (cloninger et al.)
craiglistmirrors (oglander)
hardcore architecture (fischer)
the letter project (frank)
the million dollar home page (tew)

supplementary texts
archiving net art* (tribe)
curating on the web* (dietz)
Collecting New Media Art: Just Like Anything Else, Only Different* (dietz)
Challenges for a Ubiquitous Museum: Presenting and Preserving New Media* (paul)
fluidities and oppositions among curators, filter feeders, and future artists* (schleiner)
Lost in Translation. Or, bringing Net Art to another Place ? pardon, Context.* (quaranta)
Bibliography: Curating (New) Media and Internet-based Art (editors: ochrieser, kargl,thalmair)
internet art* (greene)
at the edge of art* (blais/ippolito)
new media art* (tribe/jana)
rethinking curating* (graham/cook)
neuromancer* (gibson)
expanded cinema* [4.6M .pdf] (youngblood)
jimmy corrigan (ware)
griffin & sabine trilogy (bantock)

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howler.js (web audio javaScript library)
_playGnd (briz) | How To Make Interactive And Generative Animations Using WebGL* (briz)
photo to ascii text converter
flowchart/site map software
ExtraFile (asendorf)
processing.js (resig et al.)
Free Automatic Page Refresher
YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters*
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