instructions for logging in to artstor

  1. go to the university library page.
  2. in the right-hand menu, click "online resources"
  3. in the "search for databases" search field, search for "artstor"
  4. click on the "ARTstor" link
  5. enter your email and oneport password, and click "submit"
  6. in the top menu, click "enter artstor digital library"
  7. if you aren't registered, click "not registered," then register
  8. once you are registered, click "log in," then enter your email and password
  9. rollover "browse" in the top menu, and select "image groups" from the drop down menu
  10. in the top submenu, where it says "Browse By:" click on the "Institutional" tab
  11. click the lecture you want to view