NEW MEDIA RESEARCH (Belgium + Netherlands)
instructor: curt cloninger
email: curt at lab404 dot com
office: Zeis 214
location: abroad + university of north carolina asheville

class-specific | visits, readings/artworks

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major assignments
* 12 daily response essays
* theory analysis and response paper

writing resources
unc writing center handouts [nb: argument and thesis statements] (UNC)
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(subject to rearrangement)
Note: Prior to June 1, ideally read/watch everything, but at least read/watch the things in red.

JUNE 1, friday (Brussels):

JUNE 2, saturday (Brussels):
Felix Frachon Gallery + le26by [Ephemeral Permanence show, Dar]
read: Insect Media [excerpt] (Parikka)

JUNE 3, sunday (Brussels):
Argos Center for Art + Media [Reijniers/Jacobs, Michels/Voignier, Van Lancker]
read: Ordinary Affects [excerpts] (Stewart)
Société (d'Électricité) [Earth & Sky exhibition]
read: Manifesto for a Theory of the 'New Aesthetic' (Cloninger)

JUNE 4, monday (Brussels):
Magritte Museum
read: This is Not a Pipe [excerpts] (Foucault)
iMAL [Lucille Calmel meeting]
watch: at least 5 of Lucille's performances
hear: at least 5 of Lucille's audio pieces

JUNE 5, tuesday (Brussels):
Brussels Musical Instrument Museum
read: 1) 1922: Theremin / 2) 1928: Ondes-Martenot / 3) 1940: Ondioline / 4) 1947: Clavioline (Crab)
BOZAR [Palestine, Utzni]
view: Solvay House (Horta)
listen: Strumming Music (Palestine)


JUNE 6, wednesday (Antwerp):
Josephine Bosma meeting
read: The Future is Unknown -- I am the Future (Bosma)
St. Paul's Church
view: Jacques Derrida interview from Ghost Dance (Derrida/Ogier/McMullen)


JUNE 7, thursday (Rotterdam):
read: Interactive Automata (Altena)

JUNE 8, friday (Rotterdam):
Fotomuseum [Schoeller, Mantz]
read: On Photography: Chapter 1: "In Plato's Cave" (Sontag)

JUNE 9, saturday (Rotterdam):
Witte de With [Kopelman. Margolles. Meíja, Rosenkranz, Yi.]
read: The Affectivist Manifesto (Holmes)


JUNE 10, sunday (Amsterdam):

JUNE 11, monday (Amsterdam):
Jan Robert Leegte studio visit
view: at least 10 of Jan Robert's pieces
LIMA [Dullart et al.]
read: The ABC of Tactical Media (Garcia/Lovink)

JUNE 12, tuesday (Amsterdam):
Foam [Keïta, Zelenkova]
read: Camera Lucida: Chapter 5: "He Who Is Photographed" (Barthes)
EYE Filmmuseum [van Warmerdam]
read: Eternity In An Instant (Cloninger)

JUNE 13, wednesday (Amsterdam):
Upstream Gallery [Live and Let Live exhibition]
read: Mitchell Whitelaw Interview (Whitelaw/Prudence)
De Appel [2 UNLIMITED exhibition]
view: Chris Carter interview
bonus (9-11pm): LIMA [Dullart/Lovink discussion]

JUNE 14, thursday (Amsterdam):
Stedelijk Museum [Studio Drift, Forever Young? exhibition]
read: Towards a Philosophy of Photography [excerpts] (Flusser)

JUNE 15, friday (Amsterdam):