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nm 490: COVID-19 PLAN

Hi all NM 490 Capstone/Portfolio Students,
Here is the plan. No homework over break. Class doesn't really begin until Tuesday, March 24. Below is a list of what remains for the rest of the semester. We won't have class meeting times. You have to turn in your final solo project, and your portfolio (reel, web site, or both). Everything else is optional.

Adobe has made the creative suite free to students during this time. Here are the instructions >>. Let ITS know if you get stuck setting up and they should be able to help you. Let me know if you're still stuck, and we'll figure it out.

Your final solo project will be due on exam day, 11:55 pm, May 1. You will upload it (or documentation of it) to the google drive for the class. Some of you are working with sculptural, physical elements or printed materials. You will just have to document those materials as best as you are able. Some of your projects involve the 3D printer. If that is you, email me and we will come up with some alternative plan (probably involving you turning in 3D files and renders rather than turning in a physical object).

If your portfolio is a reel, upload it to the proper folder on the google drive for the class. If your portfolio is a web site, email me the URL of the web site. Portfolio material is due on exam day, 11:55 pm, May 1.

Any mockups and prototypes of the portfolio and the solo project are all now optional. Your projects will will be better if you take advantage of these optional deliverables, because they will allow you to get formative feedback from me prior to the final projects. But they are not required. You can upload any of these deliverables to the google drive for the class whenever you want throughout the semester. If you just want to upload a few prototypes, or one prototype, or no prototypes, it won't affect your grade. If you would like help pacing yourself, you may refer to the old timeline at the rough project calendar.

Once you upload something, send me an email saying you have uploaded it. I will check all these optional deliverables on Monday once per week, so everything is due Sunday at 11:55 pm. So, for example, if you upload a prototype that you want me to look at, and you upload it Monday morning, I won't look at it until the following Monday morning. If you upload it on Sunday night, I will look at it the next morning. It just all accumulates for a week, and then I look at all of it Monday of the next week.

Hopefully all of this makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions. My goal is to give you as much autonomy and flexibility as possible during this strange season, while still causing learning to occur.

Curt Cloninger
Associate Professor of New Media
UNC Asheville

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