installation: Packages with the Sound of Their Own Shipping (After Robert Morris' "Box with the Sound of Its Own Making")


wonder cabinet of the big electric cat: an online show i curated with a few artists whose work i like

myTumblrz: thegnuaesthetic.tumblr.com * anonlineorgyofstupidity.tumblr.com [w/ scott furr] * lab404.tumblr.com


one per year: one essay per year. one art project per year. since 2000.

great moments in performance art (1975-80)

welcome 2 the des[s]ert of the real

it might matter: spurse's Atlas of Procedures for an Emergent Commons (links to files at bottom)

jordan's lego creations

curediting by cont3xt


i did this thing for this show

purposefully futile gaming: the graveyard (harvey/samyn) * is it time? (fraina) * dinner date (stout games) * sixteenpages (harvey/samyn) * Rafaël Rozendaal | Angelo Plessas * works while you sleep! (bowers) * christian | budhist | atheist (frank)




sitting with Marina: live * from the front * from the side

the Zaireeka liner notes

Mike Cina is like the ghost of Josef Muller-Brockmann channeled through the distilled essence of Reid Miles' Blue Note album covers while listening to a badly corrupted mp3 rip of Beck's "Midnite Vultures" and driving a Shelby Mustang Cobra GT500 across the crystallized salt flats of Venus on your way to share a palm-wood cask of cherry pop rocks with Sade.

steven connor online texts

from norway: "a reversed drawing machine working from analog doodles as elements into digital drawings as doodle-chamber collision photos": time().mt_rand. roll your own drawings here. curate your own drawings here.

lab404.tumblr.com * lab404.livejournal.com



additional REsearch

REsearch: Kevin Martin's liner notes from the Ambient 4: Isolationism compilation

"archite[c/x]ture" excerpt from Andreas Jacobs' Semantic Disturbances

Duchamp's rotoreliefs

I have an image in this book

Christina Kubisch's Electrical Walks

ethereal phrases

Adam Curtis' The Century of the Self: parts 1 * 2 * 3 * 4

brad brace

Mildred's Lane Historical Society



grant proposal: the xanadu hijack

DATA browser

arcangel constantini's automatic bakteria drawings.

dreams burn down

UCLA Design | Media Arts class websites

Ben Marcus has a posse

The Revolution of Everyday Life

Karsten Holler's slides

Jeremy Blake: Century 21

Hot-Wiring Your Creative Process in Chinese (the Chinese cover is so much cooler)


the persephone analogue fingerboard synthesizer


matthew ritchie: the morning line: on the interweb * in spain * in print

matthew ritchie: games of chance and skill * the new place


Michal Levy's One


Randy Regier makes stuff (up)

New Network Theory reader (23.5 M)
Sound and Music Computing Conference proceedings
histories and theories of intermedia

Mark Bernstein's NeoVictorian Computing


video killed the html star

Lars Müller Publishers

abstract hacktivism


summer school

shaker furniture

world wide internet tv

petra cortright's system landscapes

media art histories archive

Stephen Barnwell's money art


damn everything but the circus


groovy book-like objects: the tapeworm foundry * the father costume * une semaine de bonte * i could tell you but then you would have to be destroyed by me

what would corita do?

perfect sound forever

Florian Kramer's Words Made Flesh

dream house

Justin Canha's whale

mythic creatures



the first piece of internet art I ever made: The Psychedelic Psycho-Analytical Rorschach Scripture Cookie (circa 1997)


experimental new media pedagogy in new zealand

shiralee saul: on the shelf

kevin dacey's vitrine photographs

of exactitude in science

art is the relationship of human beings to objects and objects to objects in relation to human beings

science and sanity: an introduction to non-aristotelian systems and general semantics

Madeline Gins: what the president will say and do

Steve Reich: music as a gradual process

Hyungkoo Lee

exact change publishers

happy 9/11: panting for heaven * north port * consecration * greenwich * new jordan * gospel trumpet * funeral anthem * babylon is fallen

armchair dys.koncept.ual art: trace 1 * trace 2 * trace 3

a matrix of relationships

design led futures

the air loom

56 minutes of improvisational electronic noise (i join in on theremin and vocals at the 28-minute mark)

david clark's net art class

andrei rublev's saviour of zvenigorod

how to projection bomb



retroPlayer 1.7

the theory and technique of electronic music

4X100 posters: 2002 * 2003 * 2004 * 2005

roll your own beck cd cover

The tulse luper suitcases

saul bass movie titles

the hypermedia science fiction of bennett morris

77 million paintings by brian eno

el lissitzky's foldout from catalog of the soviet pavilion at the international press exhibition, cologne, 1928

the performances of lee walton

the lost meeting

"this innovative interdisciplinary work intersects at the pinnacle of creative writing, graphic design, book art, and performance." kooky.


moog etherwave pro: 1 *

marshall weber books

out of time place scale

rocking the bowed pine cone

gair dunlop's photos

some physical places i'd like to go: art brut connaissance & diffusion gallery * zentrum paul klee * museum of jurassic technology * the lessing j. rosenwald room of the library of congress

the every piece of art in the museum of modern art book

i respect paul klee

ade ward's auto-cover generates a book cover design based on the ascii values of the book's title. the cover it made for hot-wiring your creative process.

jemma & harsh at the art gallery of knoxville

bent festival

müller-brockmann | ncstate ds9

samorost 1 and samorost 2 and the quest for the rest

zürich calling

MEEK systems

on teaching improvisation


david crawford: the early years

this is no game

the oblique strategies minimal viewer

jimpunk's pulp

39 contradictions | 40 inventive principles

6 US states, 6 days, 1 image/10 seconds, 15,000 images: bill klingensmith's drive project


mustard gas party: brandon merkel's photographic essays of beautiful decay

kevin shields' live guitar setup

if i were rich, i'd skip the yatch and buy stuff like this. a page from it.

vademecum of digital art

great moments in the void

dean allen book covers

styling and the experimental car (1964)

histories of internet art: factions and fictions

list of cognitive biases

the underground history of american education

the web jonny built

shannon mcgrath: commercial photography of buildings and interiors

ubuWeb: film

the russian avant-garde book

jason fried talks about the 37 signals approach to software development

the ontological museum of the international post-dogmatist group

wolfram's generative ringtones

nando * linn * geoff

the collages of amedeo de palma

one of my favorite places in the whole world

sufjan stevens live in the studio

name voyager is fascinating.


daniel essig's sculptural books

stuff & likes

backyard paradises * the quiet house * the owl house * hair

sketch [click on "high speed"]: my favorite commercial web site so far this year

artkrush has been back online for several issues. a good, not exclusively new media, contemporary art bi-monthly zine.

myron campbell's fragile circus

brent rocks

i collect words

before * after

retro photoshop filters * retro fonts

a bunch of cool stuff: wordcount * timescape * zoomquilt * untitled 5

old tricks are the best tricks: urban diary

play virtual harry partch instruments. i knew the interweb wasn't completely useless.


i will become even more undignified than this, and i will be humiliated in my own eyes.

a bit of light reading, translated from the portuguese: On Hypermedia Design And Labyrinth * Hypermedia And The Three Labyrinths

some robot links: bill vorn * robot lab

"the reason art exists is because its mode of operation does not take the mode of ideas"
- dubuffet

land of the free * home of the brave


my dad makes bowls

jandek: discography

asphyxiating culture (scroll down for online articles)

it's my old friend, the future

those who can't teach, do

the grievously uncelebrated they say small

c505 does joy division

circuit bending 101

cloud cracking 101

learning to love you more

frame enlargements from stan brakhage films

in the conversation: a social sculpture about social sculptures

snarg lives! -- new * classic

the sacred harp title index

W+KTokyoLab: i'm particularly fond of the "artists > takagi masakatsu" section


rachel's net art link list

w/ me

we need this life of practical romance; the combination of something that is strange with something that is secure. we need so to view the world as to combine an idea of wonder and an idea of welcome. we need to be happy in this wonderland without once being merely comfortable.

and i think to myself, what a wonderful world: chernobyl * stalker [the film] * stalker [the game] * untitled * all summer in a day


"join us in our search for all things lost"

rock me like a hurricane

i think there should be a punk rock female olympic figure skater from japan who dresses up like wendy o. williams and does a flawless routine to the white stripes' "seven nation army."

i'm a full grown man but i'm not afraid to cry

2003 - 2001

feel the arms that reach out to hold me / in the evening when the day is through

the museum of online museums is deliciously meta


some demographics * some details

i respsect stefan sagmeister

warning: all yr browser are belong 2 us

MIT OpenCourseWare: a bunch of MIT courses online.

synesthesia resources

a bit of light scholarship: british neo-marxist punk/academic frank zappa critical theory * writing with images

"the curator with a subversive imagination creates filters for things that she only finds traces of, and then asks the world to fill in the blanks."

can you find me? i'm hiding in the bushes.

regarding boombox

1 part sugar / 1 part salt

jazz on the brain

clever, benign, and ethical pranks

"true art consists of spreading wide the intervals so that imagination may fill the space between the trees"
- walter anderson

tex-server is all wacky and stuff

software! (kind of like Word or Excel, yet somehow different): dervish * graf studio * objekt_14

virtual boy in memoriam

radical software magazine: there was more going on in the early 70s than bad hair

"i take photoes of those who smiles"

smart and tart juicing

art installations that don't suck: very nervous system * listening post


do not seek the treasure

erational's open bookmarks: don't just surf them, add your own

when infinity is one and forever on the real, it's deep like a navy seal

opsound.org: the open source audio "label"

and don't you forget it!

here's a little tip that i would like to relate

pitfall: the interweb is good for something after all

atypk: like joseph beuys meets ryan mcginness

an array of binary data representing a bitmapped image

reality hacking: like christo without the pretension.


the meanings of many words in a natural language derive not through logical definition but through proximity to a certain prototype

the flavor of incongruity born of the overzealous spirit in the face of unfathomable phenomena

grab bag: a class * a design portfolio * a funky multi-user audio-visual realtime 3D world

software i dig: moodStats * dsos1 * cthuga * bdd

john oswald is important. download every mp3 from this brilliant masterpiece.

retro hardware is good for the soul

massive video feedback emulation from a 2.6K file

a cornucopia of (no) ds9 output: sincretic.media.labs

read about: pop culture * information architecture

superTiny simCity der Magritte

semi-automatic: unControl * deConcept * transPhorMetric * turux * insertSilence/bjork

it's all french to me. i'm just digging the mod colors


at home with the kids

and all the hills echoed * echoed2 * echoed3 * echoed4

screenshots from purgatory

something tells me it's all happening at the zoo

mod: 1 * 2

art * art * craft * design * design * typography

were peter max japanese

it ain't over till you hear the clapping

interviews: hi-res * zuper

Job 38:1-42:6

turn it up and let it bump when you ride

jesus * jesus * jesus


eno's oblique strategies

and men will toil in suits of foil as they explain that this girl was anointed with an oil


nosepilot: dr. suess meets salvador dali in technicolor shadowpuppet land.

i am great.

no matter how strange you think you are, you will never be as strange as donald roller wilson.

soulbath's anti-banner exhibit is fun.  click on the blinking line and type "y."

one world: Boys and girls overheard talking about "everything."

haiku generator: Automated Asian dadaism.


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