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MARCH 11, 2003

'File under Sacred Music' is based on notions of simulation, live performance, and the real in a culture dominated by rock. The work is a 'live' re-enactment of The Cramps seminal 1978 performance at the Napa Mental Institute and their subsequent edit to recreate the bootleg video. A panel discussion featuring the General Secretary of the International Necronautical Society, a music critic/editor and the rockers, Ian Mackaye & Kim Deal, followed filming at the ICA, London. The first screening of the film will be at the Site Gallery (29th March) with its London premier back at the ICA (13th June). However, having been drenched in beer at the panel discussion, I am reminded how much I love a good kegger! -Charlotte Frost
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Rock + Text
Published today by brandon
The Race for Rock
From -> Are Flagan
click to view What I want to address, via Nugent's remarkable solo, is how this power, based fundamentally on notions of feedback, filters down to the regulating and disciplining apparatuses of a "civility" that considers rock, in its most morbid phase, the only resource and resolution of a musical ... [more]
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Genre -> commentary
Keyword -> Rock, death, distortion, amp
Replies -> none

Published today by ryan
Announcing Rock-Strike contest
From -> Brandon Barr
click to view Rock-Strike is a contest for analog graffiti and rock.art that is created under specific limitations and which critically examines the impending rock in Irock. All entries will be displayed in rockart.org's ongoing banner rock exhibition and also turned into a Rock-Strike spray (to be installed ... [more]
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Genre -> announcement, opportunity
Keyword -> Rock, game, analog, Joan Jett, Boss Metal Zone
Replies -> none

Published 4 days ago by brandon
Interview with Marc Bolan by Ziggy Thorington
From -> Jo-Anne Green
click to view MB: I adamantly resisted using distortion for a long time and finally just gave over to it in the ROK project. As I mentioned above, it's been important to me to approach the stage on its own terms and while I've flirted with varying shades of folkism in this regard (dynamic ballads to minimal solo lengths) ... [more]
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Genre -> interview
Keyword -> composition, muscle cars, stadium venues, balls-out wailing, Hubcap Diamond Star Halo
Replies -> none

Published 5 days ago by ryan
On Detroit... and MC5 Discussion
From -> jess
click to view If I wasn't on two 15-inch speakers, could move my Grateful Dead-following man away from the greenery and hadn't watched AC/DC's "For Those About to Rock" on the plane over, I would move there immediately. One of those nice apartments with the high windows and the blinged out woofers would do me just fine. [more]
- - - - - -
Genre -> commentary
Keyword -> rock world, community, language, Bass Bombin'
Replies -> 8

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