24 1-Hour Performances (and 5 fails)

I process Ed Sheeran's popular song "Shape of You" through various audio manipulation plugins (different plugin combinations each time) and then live stream myself playing drums along with this processed audio to Facebook for an hour. If Facebook's copyright detection algorithm detects a copyright violation, I stop the performance, increase the settings on the pluigins, and start over. Once the copyright detection is overcome, I post that hour of video to Facebook and move on to a different combination of plugins. 24 hours' worth of video. Over time, the shape of the song changes, becoming increasingly unrecognizable.

At what point does a song become other than itself? When you drum along with a song that is becoming other than itself, what do you become?

- Curt Cloninger

 1/20/18. frequency shifter > 7-band EQ.

 1/21/18. fuzz wah > orange phaser.

 1/27/18. compressor/limiter > spring reverb.

 Fail. 2/3/18. tape echo > air phaser.

 2/4/18. tape echo > air phaser.

 2/6/18. 5-channel stripper > de-esser.

 Fail. 5/9/21. 5-channel stripper > de-esser.

 Fail. 2/8/18. kill EQ > roto-speaker.

 Fail. 2/12/18. kill EQ > roto-speaker.

 2/12/18. kill EQ > roto-speaker.

 2/18/18. pitch shift > peak limiter.

 2/19/18. dverb > black op distortion.

 2/22/18. talkbox > lo-fi.

 Fail. 2/25/18. bbd delay > air chorus.

 2/25/18. bbd delay > air chorus.

 3/3/18. air distortion > air flanger.

 3/5/18. 1-band EQ > chorus/vibrato.

 3/7/18. multi-delay > ensemble.

 3/11/18. black spring reverb > gray compressor.

 3/12/18. multi-chorus > tri-knob fuzz.

 3/13/18. mod delay > non-linear reverb.

 3/26/18. vibe phaser > vintage filter.

 4/1/18. recti-fi > dynamic delay.

 4/10/18. flanger > air reverb > white boost.

 4/14/18. air enhancer > dc distortion > studio reverb.

 4/16/18. sci-fi > air lo-fi > black wah.

 4/24/18. sansAmp > elevenLite > filter gate > tape echo.

 4/24/18. 7-band EQ > flanger > non-linear reverb > frequency shifter > lo-fi.

 4/24/18. bbd delay > green overdrive > white boost > tri-knob fuzz > sansAmp.

"It is one thing to understand a difficult movement, another to be able to carry it out. To understand it, we need only to realize in it what is essential, just enough to distinguish it from all other possible movements. But to be able to carry it out, we must besides have brought our body to understand it. Now, the logic of the body admits of no tacit implications. It demands that all the constituent parts of the movement shall be set forth one by one, and then put together again. Here a complete analysis is necessary, in which no detail is neglected, and an actual synthesis, in which nothing is curtailed."
- Henri Bergson

"Every day discovering something brand new."
- Ed Sheeran