St. Frank and The Wolf

St. Frank and the Wolf is a series of solo, improvisational multimedia performances that explore the irreducible aspects of faith. Abstractly based on the story of St. Francis making peace with a wild wolf, these performances dialogue with sound and light in order to saturate time and space with the presence of God.

The performances consists of two separate audio/video loops projected onto the artist who uses a theremin, an analog synthesizer, and voice to mix between these two loops. The results blur the distinction between real/virtual, live/pre-recorded, and matter/spirit.

Between performances, the audio/video loops continue running, effectively remixing themselves, functioning as a kind of generative installation intermission.


Performance History

Flood Gallery
Asheville, North Carolina
February 23, 2007

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photo documentation: far * medium * close * equipment
video documentation: corner * far * medium * dark * installation between performances
[documentation provided by G. Craig Hobbs]


The Art Gallery of Knoxville / Pilot Light
Knoxville, Tennessee
January 5, 2007

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photo documentation: close * closer * closest
video documentation: far * middle * close
[documentation provided by Jon Satrom]