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Theorist Application Paper:
apply a piece of theory to a piece of contemporary new media

Choose any single piece of theoretical writing linked from the 142 web page that has a diamond (♦) next to it, and apply it to some aspect of contemporary new media. You can apply the theory to a general new media phenomenon, or to a specific piece of new media. Your goal is to ask, "What would (McLuhan, Debord, Baudrillard, Steyerl, etc.) say about this piece of contemporary new media?" Then write an essay applying their theory to the specific piece of media.

Your paper should follow this general format:
a. briefly introduce your understanding of the theory
b. briefly explain the piece of new media
c. apply the theory to the new media
d. summarize

  1. You must examine a piece of contemporary new media. It can't be old media.
  2. You must apply the theory to the piece of new media. It can't just be your own ideas about the new media.
  3. Limit yourself to reviewing a specific piece of new media or a specific aspect of new media. "The Internet" is way too broad. "YouTube" is way too broad. Influencer culture on youTube, or clothing haul videos on youTube might be specifc enough. "Memes" is probably even too broad. Deep friend memes might be specific enough. Or just pick a single piece of new media work.
  4. Don't include biographical information of the theorist. Just talk about the theory itself.
  5. The paper itself should be as long as necessary to apply the theory to the piece of new media. Five paragraphs is probably not enough. Five pages may be too long. (So something like 2-4 pages.)
  6. If relevant, include a color image (or images) of the new media you are discussing.

Grading criteria:
1. meets above requirements
2. concise, critical analysis. evidences an understanding of the theory and contemporary new media.
3. well written, interesting to read.

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