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NM 320
Intermediate Interactive Design

Instructor: Curt Cloninger / curt at lab404 dot com

NM 320 explores the principles of semiotics and sign design, navigation and interface development, and user experience design. In 320 you will construct innovative, interactive user experiences. You will present, defend, and improve your work based on formative faculty and peer feedback.

The projects and assignments required in this class are time-intensive and require an average of 9 hours each week on the computer either in this lab or on your own computer that contains the software used in the class. Prerequisites: CSCI 181 or 182, and NM 222.

Student Learning Objectives
In this course you will:
  • Improve your interactive design skills, allowing you to clearly communicate concepts and create work relevant to contemporary culture.
  • Apply technology to construct innovative, clever, interactive experiences.
  • Reconsider information presented in linear formats, and recontextualize it for non-linear, interactive formats.
  • Recognize your own agency as a media artist, and become confident exercising that agency to modulate and change the world.

Required Materials:
Bulldog email account -- check regularly
Student web hosting space (for posting work)
Flash drive, notebook or sketchbook, graph paper, pencils, and pens

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