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Network Project

Use whatever software necessary to create an internet artwork that takes advantage of the network in a novel and provocative way.

This is net art defined in its strictest sense. The project should be such that if it was on a CD-ROM it wouldn't have the same impact.

The project must include an online artist's statement explaining the purpose and concept of the project, how the project takes advantage of the network, and any instructions necessary for its use.

Create a directory in your "public_html" folder called "network" and upload your project to that directory. Your start page should be labeled "index.html" Your project should appear at http://nm.unca.edu/~youruserid/network/

You will turn in a URL for the project, and everything else should be explained online. You may make your artist's statement accessible from the project itself, or you may turn it in as a separate URL, depending on the goals of the project.

1. must have an artist's statement online
2. must take advantage of some aspect of the network
3. must be comfortably surfable via cable modem (no pages/files over 10Mb)
4. must work cross-browser and cross-platform.
5. if you use navigation, your menu system must be sensible and usable.
6. you may link to other sites (if applicable). you may even "use" other sites as part of your project (ebay, google, etc.).

Grading criteria:
1. meets above requirements
2. network exploitation (fully takes advantage of the medium, concept is intrinsically associated with medium)
3. conceptual originality (profundity and/or humor, uniqueness, cultural relevance)
4. execution (sensory aesthetics, clarity, usability, concept-enhancement)

1. Content -- make a statement about something in which you are interested personally. have fun.
2. Surf the examples, read the articles, get a feel for the genre.

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