minimal space/body modulation (sense yourself sensing)


Architecture, bodily/sensory awareness, bodily/sensory constraint, disruption of subjecthood(s), self-disappearance/erasure. For this project, you will alter (activate, disrupt, modulate, re-orient, dissipate, and/or erase) your "viewer's" perception of her "self." Check the "readings + examples" section under "minimal space/body modulation (sense yourself sensing)" for possible inspirations and precedences.


Create an interactive installation that modulates its output based on live input. Your explicit goal is to cause your "viewer" to sense herself sensing, to make her aware of her own body and senses. The input must somehow come from the body of your viewer, and the output must somehow return to her body. Include any instructions (if necessary) in whatever form seems most appropriate to the piece. But you (as the artist) cannot explain to the audience how to interact with the piece. Imagine that you are not even in the room.


  • Need not use max/msp/jitter (but you may).
  • Output may be screen-/projector-based and/or audio-based, but may not include figurative imagery or human language.
  • Must use some form of sensor input (no audio or video input).

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