miniature installation (tableau or wondercabinet)


Archive, scale, theatrical set design. For this project, you invite audience imagination to overcome bodily limitations. Check the "readings + examples" section under "miniature installation (tableau or wondercabinet)" for possible inspirations and precedences.


Create a miniature installation (tableau or wondercabinet) that modulates its environment based on live input. The miniature installation may take the form of either: 1) a tableau (a miniature "set" version of a room-sized installation) or 2) a wondercabinet (a cabinet of curiosities containing digital and/or physical "objects"). Give your piece a title. Include any instructions (if necessary) in whatever form seems most appropriate to the piece. But you (as the artist) cannot explain to the audience how to interact with the piece. Imagine that you are not even in the room.


  • Need not use max/msp/jitter (but you may).
  • Must include some physical component.
  • Output may be screen-/projector-based and/or audio-based, but all output must occur within the miniature installation itself.
  • Must use some form of sensor input (no audio or video input).

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