[hypothetical] telepresence/network, site/non-site piece


Inside/outside, institutional critique, location/site-specificity, portability/nomadism, VR/AR/Second_Life, visualization/sonification of environmental data. For this project, you will use communication networks to expand the space of your installation. Check the "readings + examples" section under "telepresence/network, site/non-site piece" for possible inspirations and precedences.


Conceive an interactive installation that occurs across (at least) two separate spaces. Input/output signals must flow remotely between the two spaces. Give your piece a title. Include any instructions (if necessary) in whatever form seems most appropriate to the piece. But you (as the artist) cannot explain to the audience how to interact with the piece. Imagine that you are not in any of the spaces.

Note: You don't have to make/implement this microproject. You just have to conceive it.


  • Must use a network.
  • Need not use max/msp/jitter (but you may).
  • May use microphone or video input (need not be littleBits or arduino, but can be).

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