interactive sonic sculpture/instrument/system


Synesthesia, blindness + sonic space, sound vs. music. In this project, sound takes its place in relation to space (and not merely as the audio track to a movie). Check the "readings + examples" section under "interactive sonic sculpture/instrument/system" for possible inspirations and precedences.


Create an interactive sonic sculpture/instrument/system that modulates its output based on live input. Give your piece a title. Include any instructions (if necessary) in whatever form seems most appropriate to the piece. But you (as the artist) cannot explain to the audience how to interact with the piece. Imagine that you are not even in the room.


  • Must use max/msp/jitter.
  • Output cannot include screen-/projector-based media, but only audio.
  • May use a physical input device (sensor, keyboard, midi controller, phone, wii controller, musical instrument, etc.), or may simply input via microphone and/or video camera.

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