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(group macro-project 2)
Modulated/Enchanted Space Installation

Utopia/dystopia, artifice/life. Immersive Installation Spaces can range from slightly modulated ordinary/lived spaces to radically altered enchanted spaces. Check the "readings + examples" section under "modulated/enchanted space installation" for possible inspirations and precedences.

Create and install a modulated and/or enchanted interactive space.

Develop and distribute (by means most appropriate to the project) an artists' statement with the title of the project, the purpose and concept of the project (however brief or cryptic), and (only if necessary) any relevant audience instructions. You (as the artists) cannot explain to the audience how to interact with the piece. Imagine that you are not even in the space.

1. Must use max/msp/jitter.
2. Must incorporate video and/or audio.
3. Aspect(s) of the space must be modulated by some form of live input.
4. There must be both a physical (old media) component of the space and a non-physical(?) new media component of the space.
5. May not simply have bare/exposed (unmodified) sensors (or unmodified keyboard, midi controller, phone, wii controller, etc.) -- *unless* there is some purposeful conceptual reason (your piece specifically references game controllers, or electronic equipment, or whatever).

Grading criteria:
1. meets above requirements
2. medium exploitation (fully takes advantage of the medium, concept is intrinsically associated with medium, interactivity is integral [not just incidental])
3. conceptual originality (profundity and/or humor, uniqueness, cultural relevance)
4. execution (sensory aesthetics, concept-enhancement, immersive effect)

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