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(group macro-project 1)
Multi-Channel Video Installation

Memory, history, a-history, time, personal mythology, setting without plot, fresco. Multi-Channel Video Installation is a basic form of installation art to explore prior to adding more physical/sculptural elements later in the semester. Check the "readings + examples" section under "multi-channel video installation" for possible inspirations and precedences.

Create and install a multi-channel video installation.

Develop and distribute (by means most appropriate to the project) an artists' statement with the title of the project, the purpose and concept of the project (however brief or cryptic), and (only if necessary) any relevant audience instructions. You (as the artists) cannot explain to the audience how to interact with the piece. Imagine that you are not even in the space.

1. must be at least 2 channels (no more than 4)
2. need not be "technically" interactive (although it may be), BUT the videos and the way in which they are installed must orchestrate the viewer's attention and/or bodily movement in some purposeful capacity.
3. overall video loop cycle must be between 5-10 minutes long.
4. must allow the audience to enter a holistic, immersive space (can't just be two vidoes on two monitors next to each other on the desk in the lab).

Grading criteria:
1. meets above requirements
2. medium exploitation (fully takes advantage of the medium, concept is intrinsically associated with medium)
3. conceptual originality (profundity and/or humor, uniqueness, cultural relevance)
4. execution (sensory aesthetics, concept-enhancement, immersive effect)

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