nm 379
instructor: curt cloninger
email: curt at lab404 dot com
office: Zeis 214. Tuesday 12:30-2, Wednesday 11:30-12:30, or by appointment.
location: university of north carolina asheville

class-specific | readings & artwork

rough project calendar
attendance and grading policies

major assignment
theory analysis and response paper [examples: Stolp * Lawrence]
[common problems with student papers]

writing resources
writing center handouts (UNC)
the citation machine (warlick)

required text
Tactical Media (raley)

supplementary texts
Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century (marcus)
The Most Radical Gesture: The Situationist International in a Postmodern Age (plant)

UNC Asheville-Specific
university vision & mission
university student learning outcomes
about integrated liberal studies
student learning outcomes for transfer colloquia, writing intensive, and information literacy intensive courses
curricular connections guide (attend at least 2 related events)

The Fetishism of Commodities and the Secret Thereof (marx) [1867]
The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction [also in pdf form] (benjamin) [1936]
Understanding Media (mcluhan) [1964]
The Death of the Author (barthes) [1967]
The Society of the Spectacle (debord) [1967]
The Revolution of Everyday Life (vaneigem) [1967]
Simulacra and Simulations (baudrillard) [1985]
Re: Public (koch) [2005]
Fountain (mutt)
from "The Eternal Now" (lapham)
Theory of the Dérive (debord)
Mobile Apparatus for Temporality Research (spurse)
On The Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Period of Time [part 1 * part 2 * part 3]
May 1968 graffiti
Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? You don't get it (rushkoff) [2011]
get your war on (rees)
banksy (banksy)
the antics roadshow (banksy?)
Poetic Terrorism (bey)
tobacco spoof ads (adbusters)
demotivational poster generator
No Fun (sex pistols) [1977]
Careering / Poptones (public image limited) [1980]
Scentless Apprentice (nirvana) [1993]
Why I No Longer Give Away My Music (ostertag) [2013]
The Merchants of Cool (rushkoff) [2001]

Letter to the Medical Directors of Lunatic Asylums (artaud) [1925]
Panopticism (foucault) [1975]
Making Do: Uses and Tactics (de certeau) [1980]
The Temporary Autonomous Zone (bey) [1990]
Postscript on Control Societies (deleuze) [1990]
project chanology (anonymous)
How Algorithms Shape Our World (slavin)
Your Digital Trail and How It Can Be Used Against You (zwerdling/schulz)
How Companies Learn Your Secrets (duhigg)
Peer Review Resources (unca center for teaching & learning)
Adam Curtis documentaries

Electronic Civil Disobedience (critical art ensemble) [1994]
The ABC of Tactical Media (garcia/lovink) [1997]
a hacker manifesto [version 4.0] (wark) [2004]
"The Exploit" and "Tactics of Nonexistence" (galloway/thacker) [2007]
UBERMORGEN.COM manifesto (bernhard/lizvlx) [2009-10]
Making Changes (walton)
krzysztof wodiczko documentary (pbs/art21)
they rule (on)
critical art ensemble tactical media projects
surveillance camera players
documentary on trevor paglen
Old and New Net Wars over Free Speech, Freedom and Secrecy (coleman)
bartleby (melville / glover)
i love alaska (engelberts/plug) [cf: AOL search data scandal * full list of search terms by user #711391]
the yes men
[border hacks]
caution (Department of Ecological Authoring Tactics) [cf: original unmodified "Caution" sign]
letter defending Ricardo Dominguez (stalbaum et al.)
tuesday afternoon (scholz / flax)
crosser (fajardo)
borderXing (bunting) [cf: borderXing Guide]
brinco (werthein)
[virtual war]
trevor paglen interview
the portable war memorial (keinholz) [1968]
September 12: A Toy World (newsgaming)
Antiwargame (on)
The Great Game (klima) [cf: installation]
Fish [scroll down] (klima)
Fallujah. Iraq. 31/03/2004 (magruder)
Cherry Blossoms (wright)
Iraq War Coalition Fatalities (klimowicz)
Dead-In-Iraq (deLappe) [2006-present]

Contributions to a Resistant Visual Culture Glossary (thompson) [2004]
Spurse's Expanded Field (spurse, klein)
Atlas of Procedures for an Emergent Commons [links to files at bottom] (kerr, morozov) [2012]
Entangled Activisms (kerr, thompson, et al.) [2009]
Hacking vrs. defaults (lonergan) [2007]
Commodify Your Consumption (cloninger) [2009]
a letter to Goldsmiths art students on capitalism, art and pseudo-critique (bard-rosenberg) [2013]
The Emancipated Spectator (ranciere)
A Grin Without A Cat (marker)
the big lecture 2006 (thompson)
america we stand as one (madalone)
Spirit Surfers