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Body Project

Create and perform (and/or direct) a new media performance art piece that deals with the conceptual topic of the body in some way. The performance must incorporate some sort of live video manipulation system (PureData/GEM, gemQ, VDMX, Max/MSP/Jitter, Processing).

Develop and distribute (by means most appropriate to the project) an artist's statement explaining the purpose and concept of the project, how the project relates to the body, and any necessary audience instructions.

1. must incorporate a live body (or bodies)
2. must incorporate a new media element (or elements)
3. concept must have something to do with the body
4. must be "technically" interactive
5. must use max/msp/jitter (or vdmx, processing, ableton, etc.)
6. must use a sensor-like input device (sensor, midi controller, phone, wii controller, etc.)
7. may also use microphone input, video input, or straight keyboard/mouse input in addition to sensor input.

Grading criteria:
1. meets above requirements
2. medium exploitation (fully takes advantage of the medium, concept is intrinsically associated with medium)
3. conceptual originality (profundity and/or humor, uniqueness, cultural relevance)
4. execution (sensory aesthetics, concept-enhancement)

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