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The following course schedule will change. This should be interpreted as a general guideline only.

Group Project
Execution & Implementation = 67%

Daily Grade
grant application, written responses, daily assignments, class participation, mid-project deliverables = 33%


Group Art Project

[Weeks 1-5]
1. Conceive
* define interests / assess feasibility / select theme
* research (precedences in analog and digital art history)
* analysis (simultaneously consider concept, form, technology, and content)
* general written approach of logistics, concept, goals, and cultural relevance (a grant proposal)

[Weeks 6-10]
2. Prototype
* explore, thumbnail sketches, loose storyboard, rough models
* content development/acquisition, aesthetic specificity
* loose prototypes in digital media
* polished prototypes in digital media, written justifications

[Weeks 11-14]
3. Execute & Implement
* filter, build 1 segment at full depth
* develop, build entire project at surface depth
* develop, increase entire project depth
* pre-release/screening/walk-through of actual media
* revise pre-release based on feedback
* public release of project in actual media environment (due exam day)

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