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Grant Proposal

Use the text editor (and spell-checker!) of your choice to compose a grant proposal. Print it out and hand it in. The proposal should respond to the following CFP (Call for Proposals):

GRANTS ARE AWARDED TO PROPOSED PROJECTS BASED ON: (1) conceptual merit; (2) originality; (3) degree of skill and technological innovation; (4) integration of media & concept; and (5) relevance to contemporary culture and context.

  1. Describe your project's core concept. [500 words maximum.]
  2. Place your project in a context. List your primary influences using concrete examples (may include other artists' work, art movements, your cultural heritage, any research/work from outside the art field, etc.) [150 words maximum.]
  3. In what specific ways does your project take an experimental approach to content and form? [100 words maximum.]
  4. Who is the audience for your project? [100 words maximum.]
  5. How specifically will your project be realized (include what software/hardware will be used, and the names & roles of any collaborators).
Grading criteria:
1. approach is well-considered and feasible
2. approach is clearly, concisely described
3. grant indicates an awareness of new media art history

Online Resources and Examples:
visit http://www.lab404.com/438/#art
look under "grant proposal"

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