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Implemented Group Art Project
(due at the beginning of class)

Finish building and implementing your art project. This should be a complete and working version of your project in the medium you have chosen; not a sketch, mockup, or prototype. Along with your project, you should also include:
a. an artist statement (no more than 200 words)
b. any necessary instructions for use

IF your project involves physical or live components (in other words, if your project is an installation and/or performance), then you will need to turn in implementation documentation:
a. Explain to me in a short written document:
* the actual nature of your installation and/or performance (what literally you did and how you did it)
* how many people were involved
* any relevant details or results
b. Record documentary media that proves you did what you said you did:
* collateral promotional material
* take photographs (or video clips) of the space/event, and of the audience responding to your work

You may turn in your project (and/or implementation documentation) 3 ways:
1. burn all your materials onto a ROM, label it with your name, put it in some sort of protective case, and hand it in at the beginning of class.
2. hand in a physical folder of your materials if they are analog.
3. upload all your materials to the appropriate google drive folder for the class. Turn in a note in class telling me you've done this.

If necessary, include any special instructions that I might need to know regarding the use of your media.

Grading criteria:
1. completion (how finished is it? how well does it accomplish the stated goals of your grant proposal?)
2. conceptual merit and relevance (originality, relevance to conptemporary art/culture)
3. technical skill, innovation, and integration (technical difficulty and innovation, work embodies concept)

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