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Pre-Design Deliverables: Portfolio Creative Brief

Use the text editor (and spell-checker!) of your choice to compose a creative brief. Print it out and hand it in. The brief should follow this format:


1. Basic Information: (can literally just fill in blanks below)
a. Your Name:
b. Company Name (if applicable):
c. Project Summary: [a single-minded sentence that will describe the portfolio when implemented.]

2. professional assessment (in complete sentences, as paragraph[s]):
a. short term empoloyment goals regarding your portfolio
d. 2-3 URLs of other portfolio sites or reels trying to achieve your same goals. What do you like about them? What would you do better?
c. your own professional strengths
d. your own professional weaknesses

3. audience: (in complete sentences, as paragraph[s])
a. primary target audience
b. secondary target audience
c. desired audience perceptions

4. featured media [work you will showcase]: (in complete sentences, as paragraph[s])
a. range of media (3D, print, interactive, etc.)
b. depth of media (how many pieces do you want to showcase?)

5. tone/manner/look/feel/personality: (in complete sentences, as paragraph[s]). Use descriptive adjectives to describe overall design approach.

6. constraints/considerations/obstacles/cautions: (in complete sentences, as paragraph[s])
Known issues to watch out for in terms of feasibility.

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