NM 438
instructor: curt cloninger
email: curt at lab404 dot com
office: Zeis 214. Monday + Wednesday 2-3:30, or by appointment.
location: university of north carolina at asheville
* indicates an offline media object

class-specific | regarding art

rough project calendar
attendance and grading policies

grant proposal
group art project

optional text
Digital Art (Second Edition)* (Paul)

Links to Digital Art Websites and Online Art Projects (compiler: paul)
all art21 artist documentaries
core art21 artist documentaries: paul pfeiffer : krzysztof wodiczko : alfredo jaar : william kentridge : bruce nauman : james turrell : cindy sherman : kara walker : andrea zittel : allan mccollum
supplemental art21 artist documentaries: mel chin : An-My Lê : ann hamilton : janine antoni : pierre huyghe : martin puryear : fred wilson : marina abramović : mark dion
body movies: relational architecture 6: documentation (lozano-hemmer)
trevor paglen interview
camille utterback interview
seeing yourself seeing : beauty (eliasson)
design and the elastic mind

Overview of Media Art (frieling/daniels editors)
fluidities and oppositions among curators, filter feeders, and future artists (schleiner)
vademecum of digital art (gratin.org)

art process
Whitehead on adventure
Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules (Kent)
Sentences on Conceptual Art (Lewitt)
Bergson's Spirit (Cloninger)
new media department student learning outcomes and objectives * unc asheville student learning outcomes
Manifesto for a Theory of the 'New Aesthetic' (Cloninger)
oblique strategies: cards || list (eno/schmidt)

grant proposal
Creative Capital application information
"emerging artists / emergent medium" call for proposals (walker art center)
rhizome net art commissions proposals
turbulence commissions
no longer interested* (lambert)

final project
setting up the punch line (cloninger)