NEW MEDIA RESEARCH (Belgium + Netherlands)
instructor: curt cloninger
email: curt at lab404 dot com
office: Owen 311
location: abroad + university of north carolina asheville

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* 12 daily response essays
* theory analysis and response paper

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Note: Prior to June 1, ideally read/watch everything, but at least read/watch the things in red.


JUNE 1, thursday (Brussels):
bonus: Nerina Cocchi artist talk (centre culturel d'uccle)
bonus: Fragments De Mémoire [de Villiers] (Albert Metro Station)
view (some) documentation: tales of women adventurers [Cocci]
view (some) documentation: utterings [Cocci et. al.]
* Day 1 Introductory Questions

JUNE 2, friday (Brussels):
from signal to decay, volume 4 [Mathison] (Argos Center for Art + Media)
echoes of dissent vol. 1 [Eshun et. al.] (Beursschouwburg)
read: The Affectivist Manifesto (Holmes)
* Day 2 Discussion Questions

JUNE 3, saturday (Brussels):
Contre nature [François] (BOZAR)
Magritte Museum
read: Towards an Aesthetics of the Real (Spurse)
read: This is Not a Pipe [excerpts] (Foucault)
* Day 3 Discussion Questions

JUNE 4, sunday (Brussels):
Tell all the truth but tell it slant - (OHME)
Night in the Garden of Love [Dawood] (WIELS)
watch: 11 film boxset trailer [Rekveld]
watch: Eye Museum documetary about analog > digital restoration of Rekveld films
read: The Analog Art [Rekveld]
* Day 4 Discussion Questions

JUNE 5, monday (Brussels):
read: Insect Media [excerpt] (Parikka)
bonus read: excerpt from The Practice of Everyday Life: "Walking in the City" (de Certeau)
* Day 5 Discussion Questions


JUNE 6, saturday (Rotterdam):

JUNE 7, wednesday (Rotterdam):
Looking Ahead: Objects of Change (Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen)
Droog 30. Design or Non-design? [Droog] (Nieuwe Instituut)
Designing the Social (Nieuwe Instituut)
read: Manifesto for a Theory of the 'New Aesthetic' (Cloninger)
* Day 7 Discussion Questions

JUNE 8, thursday (Rotterdam):
Mind Expanders [Haus-Rucker-Co] (Kunsthal)
Prospective [Pantone] (Kunsthal)
Through Bone and Marrow (Brutus)
bonus: Two Solos for Callum G'Froerer & Clara La Licata [Pateras] (Roodkapje)
read: Ordinary Affects [excerpts] (Stewart)
* Day 8 Discussion Questions

JUNE 9, friday (Rotterdam):
WOMXN (Fotomuseum)
Out of this World [Marušić] (Fotomuseum)
Markthal [MVRDV]
Sustaining Small Acts (TENT)
I dream about this house every once in a while [Leopold/Emmen] (TENT)
84 Steps (MELLY)
bonus: opening of new bookshop/cafe environment [Dirrix, Van Esch, Taselaar, Trum] (MELLY)
read: Camera Lucida: Chapter 5: "He Who Is Photographed" (Barthes)
read: The ABC of Tactical Media (Garcia/Lovink)
* Day 9 Discussion Questions


JUNE 10, saturday (Amsterdam):

JUNE 11, sunday (Amsterdam):
EYE Filmmuseum
Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad (Nieuw Dakota)
read: Eternity In An Instant (Cloninger)
read: A Taxonomical Continuum of "Artist/Audience" Relationships [scroll down until you get to the section with that subtitle, and only read that section] (Cloninger)
* Day 11 Discussion Questions

JUNE 12, monday (Amsterdam):
Stedelijk Museum [General Idea, de Rooy, Sarkis, Haring]
view: Jacques Derrida interview from Ghost Dance (Derrida/Ogier/McMullen)
* Day 12 Discussion Questions

JUNE 13, tuesday (Amsterdam):
House of Bondage [Cole] (Foam)
Haven [Langendijk] (Foam)
S/S 23 [Cwynar] (Foam)
Colours and Contrasts of Spain [Siquier] (Huis Marseille)
read: On Photography: Chapter 1: "In Plato's Cave" (Sontag)
read: Towards a Philosophy of Photography [excerpts] (Flusser)
* Day 13 Discussion Questions

JUNE 14, wednesday (Amsterdam):
The world we see with our eyes is just a reflection of a reality that we cannot quite grasp [Harvey] (Upstream Gallery)
No Content: Contemplations on Software [Leegte] (Upstream Gallery)
Jan Robert Leegte artist talk
view: at least 10 of Jan Robert's pieces
read: Real Time Art Manifesto (Harvey/Samyn)
* Day 14 Discussion Questions [We never had this discussion, but here are the questions I would have asked.]

JUNE 15, thursday (Amsterdam):