NEW MEDIA RESEARCH (London, Paris, Berlin)
instructor: curt cloninger
email: curt at lab404 dot com
office: Zeis 214
location: abroad + university of north carolina asheville

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major assignments
* 12 daily response essays
* theory analysis and response paper

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Note: Prior to June 1, ideally read/watch/listen_to everything labeled "read, watch, listen," but at least read/watch/listen_to the things in red linked from this page. You will eventually have to read/watch/listen_to the non-red material as well, but that can happen after the trip. (Anything labeled "bonus" is extra/optional.)

JUNE 1, saturday (London):
south bank skate park
listen: At The Chime of a City Clock ([Nick] Drake)
read: Acquainted with the Night (Frost)
bonus watch/listen: In the Shadow of the Sun (Jarman/Throbbing Gristle)
* Day 1 Discussion Questions

JUNE 2, sunday (London):
Furtherfield [Time Portals exhibition]
read: Towards an Aesthetics of the Real (Spurse)
* Day 2 Discussion Questions

JUNE 3, monday (London):
Tate Modern [Allora/Calzadilla, Ivekovik, Meireles, Tambellini, Kentridge, Whiteread/Rechmaoui, Tunga, Snow, Sze, Nakhova, Werthein]
read: Sentences on Conceptual Art (Lewitt)
* Day 3 Discussion Questions

JUNE 4, tuesday (London):
Barbican [AI: More Human Than Human]
Wellcome Collection [Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic]
read: The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista (Ballard)
* Day 4 Discussion Questions

JUNE 5, wednesday (London):
arebyte [AUDINT]
Anna Kultys Gallery [Signe Pierce opening]
read: Static Trapped in Mouths (Cloninger)
Copperfield Gallery [Achiampong & Blandy opening]
* Day 5 Discussion Questions


JUNE 6, thursday (Paris):
read: The Other Paris: "Ghosts" (Sante)
read: excerpt from The Practice of Everyday Life: "Walking in the City" (de Certeau)
bonus watch: A Cat in Paris (Felicioli/Gagnol)
bonus watch: Chats Perchés [The Case of The Grinning Cat] (Marker)
bonus listen: Interface (Heldon)
* Day 6 ~~ no discussion questions [travel day]

JUNE 7, friday (Paris):
Galerie Ceysson & Bénétière [Fatmi]
Galerie Alberta Pane [Fogarolli]
Galerie 22,48 m² [Transnatura show]
read: Venus Smiles (Ballard)
* Day 7 Discussion Questions

JUNE 8, saturday (Paris):
Galerie Danysz [Vibrations exhibition]
Galerie Charlotte [Ratté]
psychogeographic dérive
read: Theory of the Dérive (Debord)
read: excerpts from Psychogeographic Destination Kit (Randolph)
watch: Mon Oncle opening sequence (Tati)
* Day 8 Discussion Questions

JUNE 9, sunday (Paris):
Museum of Hunting and Nature [Mercier interventions]
Gaite Lyriquee [Computer Grrrls]
flâneur dérive
read: excerpt from "The Painter of Modern Life" (Baudelaire)
read: excerpts from The Arcades Project: "The Flâneur" (Benjamin)
bonus read: The Man of the Crowd (Poe)
* Day 9 Discussion Questions

JUNE 10, monday (Paris):
Galerie Natalie Seroussi [peinturama exhibition]
Louvre [Mona Lisa gift shop]
read: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (Benjamin)
* Day 10 Discussion Questions


JUNE 11, tuesday (Berlin):
watch: Der Himmel über Berlin trailer (Wenders) [bonus: watch the entire film]
watch/listen: Warszawa (Bowie)
* Day 11 ~~ no discussion questions [travel day]

JUNE 12, wednesday (Berlin):
Museum für Fotographie [Bauhaus and Photography]
read: Towards a Philosophy of Photography: "The Apparatus," "The Gesture of Photography" (Flusser)
me Collectors Room [Wunderkammer Olbricht, BEYOND exhibition, B.A.R.O.C.K. interventions]
panke.gallery [Metanatural Landscapes exhibition]
read: Manifesto for a Theory of the 'New Aesthetic' (Cloninger)
* Day 12 Discussion Questions

JUNE 13, thursday (Berlin):
Alma Alloro [ 1 * 2 ] studio visit
read: Work with Material (Anni Albers)
Galerie Mazzoli GmbH [Lang]
read: Say Goodbye to the Wind (Ballard)
* Day 13 Discussion Questions

JUNE 14, friday (Berlin):
Rosa Menkman studio visit
view: The Collapse of PAL [part one] (Menkman)
read: Walls of Our Technogardens interview (Menkman/Wallace)
Galerie Judin [Buthe]
watch: Sans Soleil opening sequence (Marker) [bonus: watch the entire film]
* Day 14 Discussion Questions (that we never discussed)

JUNE 15, saturday (Berlin):
plane ride home
listen: "Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW": Wire version * My Bloody Valentine version * lyrics
* Day 15 ~~ no discussion questions [travel day]