ADVANCED INTERACTIVE ART (new media performance)
professor: curt cloninger
email: ccloning at unca dot edu
office: Owen 311 (office hours are online, by appointment)
location: university of north carolina asheville

class-specific | performance | interactivity | time | space | body | resources

rough project calendar
attendance and grading policies
Sister Corita Kent's 10 rules

time project
space project
body project

required hardware
littleBits Power Bit (9v and/or USB)
littleBits Midi Bit
+ at least two littleBits input bits (pink) [proximity, accelerometer, light, pressure, bend, and remote trigger are all promising ones for this class]

optional hardware
littleBits output bits (green)
littleBits wireless transmitter + wireless receiver
littleBits Bluetooth Bit + cell phone

required text
Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present [Third Edition] (goldberg)

optional texts
New Media in Art (rush)
Digital Performance (dixon)
Performance in Contemporary Art (wood)

Beyond the Medium. Toward The Goals. Case Study: Vito Acconci (cloninger)
boys art [a sketch of chris burden] (shelley)
what is performance art? (abramovic)
the body as medium (abramovic)
introduction to documentation of selected works [00:20-04:55] (burden)

How To Make A Happening [pdf] (kaprow)
instructions from "18 happenings in 6 parts" (kaprow)
In This Day... and 2 Pages, 122 Words on Music and Dance [pdf] (cage)
Collateral Damage (fell)

audience participation
lists & continua [scroll down to "A Taxonomical Continuum of "Artist/Audience" Relationships"] (cloninger)
Madison Square Garden, 1979 (Pope John Paul II)
andy kaufman's family (kaufman)

chance operations
Guitar Drag [ 1 * 2 ] (marclay)
BALTHAZAR (weber-krebs et al.)
Schematic as Score: Uses and Abuses of the (In)Deterministic Possibilities of Sound Technology (holzer)

modulated language
'Twixt The Cup And The Lip #3 [Letting the language speak itself?] (cloninger)

messa di voce (levin/lieberman/blonk/la barbara)
St. Frank and the Wolf | Breathing in B Flat (cloninger)
sonicity (stanza)

modular hardware
120 years of electronic music (crab)
5 Minute Romp thru the Image Processor (sandin)
I Dream of Wires interview (carter)
soviet synthesizer bridged occultism and electronic music (finley)

fluxus performance workbook [pdf] (various artists)
show us your screens [live coding documentary] (mcCallum/smith)
time drills (spurse)


Bergson's "Spirit": Henri Bergson's understanding of time, memory, matter, and the mind (cloninger)
Actual Entities and Eternal Objects [excerpt, pdf] (shaviro)
Funes, the Memorious [pdf] (borges)

demo of tv cello (paik/moorman) [3:30-5:40]
Prune Flat (whitman)
Firefall (jesurun)

beuys' "actions"

Snows (schneemann)

Jump Cut [Faust] (builder's association)

idiosyncratic pop culture personal mythology
The Cremaster Cycle (barney)
K-Corea INC.K [section a] (trecartin)

Roger Ebert on Chris Burden's Doomed
pop mantra (cloninger)
one year performance video (mtaa)
decay and delay (eno)
some thoughts on endurance performance art (cloninger)

action painting/kinetic sculpture
Anthropometries of the Blue Period and Fire Paintings (klein)
Drawing Restraint (barney)
Homage to New York (tinguely)
william kentridge on his process
anything is possible (kentridge)

space as praxis [pdf] (goldberg)

Double Entendre [cf: EAI description] (davis)
Double Blind [Love] (abrahams/cloninger)

"virtual" space
Second Front

studio performance
Walking in an Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimeter of a Square (nauman)
Quad I+II (beckett)
Theme Song (acconci)

haptic/affective space
100 untitled works in mill aluminum (judd)
Video Corridor (nauman)
Dream House (young/zazeela)
Performer/Audience/Mirror (graham) [1975]

public/private space
within and beyond the frame (buren)

Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility (klein)

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction [pdf] (benjamin)

How Do You Make Yourself a Body without Organs? [pdf] (deleuze/guattari)
Artaud drawings
francoise gamma animations
Tony Allen defensive basketball moves
Facts and Fallacies of Cyberspatial Theatre (dixon)
excerpts from The Age of Wire and String and Notable American Women [pdf] (marcus)

modified/modulated bodies
exoskeleton (stelarc)
Pryings (acconci w/ kathy dillon)
cryptic frequency AR fashion (nixi killick)

living sculpture
Pinch Neck (nauman)
Art Make-up (nauman)

modulated self-awareness
Performer/Audience/Mirror (graham) [1975]
Left Side Right Side (jonas)
Vertical Roll (jonas)

performances [scroll down to "Successful-Surgery 1990"] (orlan)
Jacolby Satterwhite Dances with His Self (satterwhite)
differences between us and them (basbaum)

human puppetry
faust [excerpt] (svankmajer)
hand thing (st. john)
a family finds entertainment [2 of 5] (trecartin)

duetavatargrange (sondheim)
slbarrier (sondheim)
krumping (tight eyez / toyin)
laban notation

a long list of available resources >>

cycling 74 tutorials online (click right menu at site) OR open max itself, go to "help > reference", click on the home icon (top left), then click on "tutorials" in the list to the right
max/msp video tutorial series (koraca)
baz tutorials [+the missing #2 tutorial]
vizzie tutorials
vizzie video experiments tutorial
BEAP (max modular audio synthesizer) tutorial
various max tutorial videos
how to create a vizzie module


touch screen theremin synth (femur design)

ableton live