curt cloninger: selected artworks


Sad But True (2018)

Media: performance (video, audio, guitar, keyboard, voice, body)

An 8.5-hour, time-shifted duet with my mediated self. Make sure audio is on.

Day-Long Duet (The Day The World Went Away) (2016)

Media: performance (instruments, voices)

A group of rotating performers sing and play the final portion of a Nine Inch Nails song non-stop for twenty-four hours. Make sure audio is on.

Lost In Stereo (2015)

Media: performance (video, audio, guitar, voice, body)

A four-hour, time-shifted duet with my mediated self. Make sure audio is on.

unsaying is as unsaying does (2014)

Media: performance (language, light, video animation, software)

Reading excerpts from Pseudo-Dionysius through generative feedback systems. Make sure audio is on.

Static Trapped In Mouths (2014)

Media: studio performance (audio, video, software, animation)

A series of five generative video dialogues. Make sure audio is on.

DRIFT unRACE (2013)

Media: lecture/participatory performance (language, inner-tubes, a river)

A brief lecture on the Situationists and Henri Bergson, followed by a group drift down the French Broad River in floating tubes.

Again (I Wish I Was A Fool For You) (2012)

Media: performance (video, audio, instruments, voices, bodies)

3 Hour duet between a looped, pre-recorded version of my wife and a live version of me. Make sure audio is on.

'Twixt The Cup And The Lip
'Twixt The Cup And The Lip (2011-12)

Media: performance/artist book (translation softwares, voice, drawing, internet)

A series of performances and a book. A phrase is chosen and massaged through various digital/analog/software/human contortions. Make sure audio is on.

Double Blind (Love)
Double Blind (Love) (2009)

Media: performance/internet art (pop music, voice, Rhodes electric piano, time, faces, video, internet)

A Collaborative performance with Annie Abrahams that takes place in France, the US, and on the internet. We both sing "love" for 4.5 hours blindfolded. Make sure audio is on.

Pop Mantra
Pop Mantra (2008 - present)

Media: performance (pop music, voice, guitar, time, fabric)

A series of performances where I perpetually perform a short excerpt from a different pop song for several hours, usually blindfolded. Make sure audio is on.

breathing in b flat
Breathing in B Flat (2007)

Media: studio performance (voice, software, synesthetic projection)

A live performer's voice controls the mix of six pre-recorded voices and images. Sculpting sound and light to explore an ecstatic space of unsaying. Accompanied by a companion audio archive. Make sure audio is on.


novaScotia transCryption Engines (2014)

Media: installation/internet art (audio, video, rocks, ropes, a doll, internet)

Onsite and online versions of 4 video installations. Make sure audio is on.

During the Beginning
During the Beginning (2008)

Media: installation (language, handwriting, code, mouth, light, sound, water, glass, wood)

A series of installation stations based on Genesis 1:3, "And God said let there be light and there was light." Make sure audio is on.

the emily dickinson difference engine
The Emily Dickinson Difference Engine (2007)

Media: installation/performance (found objects, poetry fragments, tables, handwriting, code)

A performance and installation combining phrases from Emily Dickinson's poetry with found objects.

st. frank and the wolf
St. Frank and the Wolf (2007)

Media: performance/installation (tongues, theremin, synthesizer, synesthetic projection, fabric)

A live performance which mixes two pre-recorded projected performances. A dialogue with sound, light, and space that explores the irreducible aspects of faith. Make sure audio is on.

the unbearable being of lightness
The Unbearable Being of Lightness (2006)

Media: installation/performance (animated collage projection, mixed media drawing, improvisational piano composition, fruits & vegetables)

Installation/performance exploring various states of solidity and ethereality. "A memory museum of earth made by people who are now in heaven."


utterings (2019-present)

Media: internet art (telepresent performance)

A networked performance and research group whose blindfolded members gather online and utter. (With Annie Abrahams, Constanša Carvalho Homem, Nerina Cocchi, Daniel Pinheiro, and Derek Piotr.) Make sure audio is on.

impromptu facebook love songs
impromptu facebook love songs (2018)

Media: internet art (studio/distributed performance)

100 love songs performed on facebook. Make sure audio is on.

Shapes of You
Shapes of You (2018)

Media: internet art (studio/distributed performance)

24 1-hour performances of an increasingly modulated pop song. Make sure audio is on.

Xanadu Hijack
The Xanadu Hijack (2015)

Media: internet art (distributed performance, logo design, language)

An ongoing project to hijack the word Xanadu at Google Images.

transCRyPTion [alan-turing-has-a-posse] (2013)

Media: internet art (video, animated gif, text)

A faux-forgery of a faux-translation engine. Make sure audio is on.

synesthetic bubblegum cards
Synesthetic Bubble Gum Cards (2003 - present)

Media: internet art (HTML, JavaScript, digital photography, digital design, audio)

Generative collage. Each card continually remixes itself after a few seconds, drawing from a database of prepared source images. Make sure audio is on.

Selected Cards:
a. Graffiti Card: From the Ornamental Pack. Sampled and treated graffiti from various cities, generatively remixed.
b. Kells Card: From the Ornamental Pack. Sampled and treated excerpts from the Book of Kells, generatively remixed.
c. Chartres Series Card: From the Brakhage Pack. Sampled and treated excerpts from Stan Brakhage's film Chartres Series, generatively remixed.
d. Place Pack Wildcard: From the Place Pack. My own photographs from different world cities (and sampled photographs of Mars) treated and generatively remixed.

playdamage (2000 - present)

Media: internet art (HTML, JavaScript, Flash, Director, animated Gif, digital imagery, audio)

Multimedia journal. Linear navigation (each piece links to the next piece). 100+ screens. All screens have audio and most are animated loops. Ongoing. Make sure audio is on.


sliveRider (2012)

Media: video, audio

A video collaboration with A. Bill Miller. Bill and Curt swapped files back and forth until the person receiving the file felt it was finished. Make sure audio is on.

James-Joyce-Has-A-Posse (2011)

Media: video, audio

A datamoshed/databent video of my body dancing. Make sure audio is on.

vertical features remix
Vertical Features Remix (2006)

Media: video

A one-minute re-interpretation of Peter Greenaway's film Vertical Features Remake. Make sure audio is on.


Packages with the Sound of Their Own Shipping (After Robert Morris' "Box with the Sound of Its Own Making") (2016)

Media: packages, cell phones, audio

A mail art audio installation.

A Playdamage Flipbook (2014)

Media: artist book (100 pages, 7in X 7in)

An animated flipbook in two directions.